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BCForest Phone: (604) 291-9611 / 1-800-663-1674
The BCGEU is one of the largest and most diverse unions in British Columbia. We represent over 80,000 members in 550 bargaining units in the private sector and public services.
We trace our beginnings back to the early 1900s when provincial government employees formed an association to address their working conditions. Since then, our union has organized thousands of workers outside the government service. We’re continuing to grow.
About a third of the BCGEU’s membership works in the direct government service. Their jobs include protecting children, providing financial assistance to the poor, protecting the environment and managing our natural resources, caring for the mentally ill in institutions, staffing provincial correctional facilities, fighting forest fires and providing the government's technical and clerical services.
Our union is also proud to represent thousands of members in health care, community social services, education, highways maintenance, casinos, credit unions, municipalities, regional districts and other employers


Affordable BC

For years, workers across the province have seen their incomes be eroded by the skyrocketing cost of housing in B.C. The lack of regulation and improper taxation of real estate in B.C. has made the province's housing market a playground for speculators and big banks hoping to make profits at the expense of workers. The BCGEU has been working with members, local governments and the province to build communities where working class families can afford to live and thrive.

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Unlock Mental Health

More than ever before, B.C. workers are facing traumatic events on the job – whether they’re on the front lines of the opiod crisis, battling the COVID-19 pandemic, working with families in crisis, or dealing with violence and harassment from clients, the public, or even coworkers.
Far too often, when workers suffer psychological injuries at work, they face steep barriers to quickly getting the support they need to recover. We need urgent action from the B.C. government to fix the WorkSafeBC system so all workers can quickly access the mental health support they need to recover from work-related injuries.

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Seniors Deserve Better

Study after study has confirmed that seniors in for-profit care receive inferior support and suffer worse health outcomes compared to those in publicly-funded or non-profit alternatives. That’s because the profit motive inherent in private systems is directly at odds with spending money on things like adequate staffing or decent pay and benefits.
It’s time to take the profit motive out of seniors’ care entirely in B.C. by moving to a non-profit, publicly delivered system in our province. Join us in calling on the B.C. government to phase-out for profit residential seniors’ care in B.C. now.

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Essential Pay for Essential Work

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, BCGEU members at the BC Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB) were declared essential services and have been have been safely serving the public and generating record revenues for the province since then. While the provincial government called on businesses to compensate essential workers for their service, employees at the BCLDB haven’t been.

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