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The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is the federal agency responsible for the stewardship of the lands and waters that make up the Port of Vancouver, Canada’s largest port. Our mandate is to enable Canada’s trade through the Port of Vancouver, while protecting the environment and considering local communities.

Trade through the Port of Vancouver connects Canadian businesses and consumers with the variety of products that we use every day from markets across the globe, and generates tax revenues and secure employment for local communities.

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Strong 2020 cargo volumes

Despite a challenging year, the 2020 cargo volumes show the resiliency of the Port of Vancouver and port industries. The port authority’s 2020 year-end statistics for goods moving through the Port of Vancouver have revealed an overall 1% increase of cargo moved through the port from 144.2 to 145.5 million metric tonnes (MMT) over the same time last year, with new annual records set for grain, potash, and container trade!

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Environmental protection

Our vision is for the Port of Vancouver to be the world’s most sustainable port. We work with the port community, scientists, governments and Indigenous groups to develop and run programs that help protect the air, lands and waters in and around the Port of Vancouver. Did you know that for almost 30 years, we’ve been creating and restoring shoreline habitat to help maintain a balance between a healthy environment and port activities?

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Fostering community connections

We are active in each of our sixteen neighbouring communities, whether it’s by building infrastructure projects, supporting local community program or contributing to the economy through jobs and wages.

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