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CAPP’s Vision is to enhance Canada’s prosperity by enabling responsible growth of Canada’s upstream oil and natural gas industry.

Our Mission, on behalf of the Canadian upstream oil and natural gas industry, is to advocate for and enable:

  • Economic competitiveness; and, 
  • Safe, environmentally and socially responsible performance.

This means achieving the following outcomes for our industry:

  • Competitiveness, in North America and globally, so as to attract the capital necessary to grow production and expand markets and to deliver value to the Canadian public and to industry investors; and,
  • Promote confidence in the industry from governments, Indigenous peoples, the public, stakeholders and the communities in which the industry operates, which will be determined by:
    • The industry’s collective performance, as measured by continuous improvement and compared to world class benchmarks; and,
    • The effectiveness of CAPP’s communications and outreach.